About me
20 novembre 2014

Born in 1981 in Parma.
Started with photography some years ago with a portrait of her grandmother* with an old russian camera,
In love with details, people and dogs, analogue cameras and pizza.
Her work has been published in national magazines, on-line blogs, music cd cover and more such as:
AIMagazine, ArtTribune, Carosello Records, Dim Mak Records, FNG Photo Issue, FrizziFrizzi, Iso400, FunnyVegan,
Gioia, Huffington Post, LensCulture, Panorama, Rolling Stones, Rumore, Vice, Vogue.

She prefers projects where she can develop her personal view.


*Currently she is continuing with grandmothers projects because she is fascinated by the changes
of feminine beauty and from the ratio between women, still searching subjects for nude and not. (write here)
In 2016, she receive an honorable mention during the contest by Gregory Crewdson Studio, NY.